Solutions & Services

SABS Network entered the market of outsourcing and IT projects, providing both the externalization and projection services, in order to welcome the demandings of the firms which have no staff wide-qualified in different areas of IT&C domain and are interested in specialized, complete solutions, respectively integrate, powerful, flexible and trustworthy aplications.

We invite you to foray the provided solutions and services:

Dedicated to commercial transactions

  • financial administration and management;
  • retail and retail management;
  • invoicing applications;

Solution dedicated to management of information based on geographical content

Office applications

  • the automation of desk work through engendering and usage of template documents;
  • resource planning (human resource and material resource);
  • interoperability between computer and PocketPC devices;
  • inquiry and analysis regarding the necessary of software resources in an enterprise;

Document management solutions

  • computing archiving;
  • printing solutions and automation of printing process;

Connecting between industrial and desk solutions

  • data acquirement from industrial field, processing, analysis, reporting and presentation;
  • warning and notification aplications;

Aplications for specific domains

  • Programming/projection of systems based on microcontrollers

Web aplications

  • Design and implementation, hosting
  • Show-sites, virtual stores

CRM solutions ( Customer Relationship Management)

Outsourcing and maintenance