SABS Network shares the following values that guides its affairs: the people, the customers, the quality, the correctness and loyalty, the spirit of team.

The people

  • contribute to the reputation and the vitality of the company. The employees represent the most precious assets of the company. Their personal and professional development as well as providing them the most favorable work conditions is our priority.
  • This is the way we appreciate people!

The clients

  • are in the center of our company priorities; through the actions the company enterprise, we answer with promptitude, amiability, proficiency and creativity to their requirements, necessities and problems. The customers’ satisfaction represents our outer recommendation.
  • This is the way we appreciate our clients!

Correctness and loyalty

  • are considered the basis on which we develop the cooperation with costumers, associates and colleagues.

The quality

  • of the provided products and services is the main means we use in order to maintain the present customers and win new ones. This is an unbroken process in which everyone holds its own part of responsibility.
  • This is the way we appreciate ourselves!

The organizational environment is open, optimistic and friendly, grounded on respect, fellowship and constructive debates and this helps us to build up a powerful, united team, determined to succeed in the complex area we activate in.


The conduct principles adopted by the company are flexibility and efficiency. The flexibility allows any modification of the functional features, while efficiency entails a permanent reference of a programm’s quantitative and qualitative effects.